Food Processing

Of the various rural activities, food processing is among the most important factors to add value to agricultural crops and to contribute to socio-economic development.

NOMADES Swiss has developed several food processing solutions for a broad range of agricultural crops in order to enable producers to process their crops into higher-value, nutritious and durable processed products.

             • Fruits & Vegetables
             • Cereal Grains & Nuts
             • Honey Production
             • Milk Processing
             • Edible Oils

Instead of selling their crops for low prices during harvest time, or losing their products because of short shelf-life, agricultural producers can add value to their fresh fruits and vegetables by processing their crops. By providing access to high-quality food processing machinery, professional know-how and reliable after-sales services, NOMADES Swiss enables agricultural producers to generate higher revenues by  processing their crops into 100% natural, nutritious and long conservable fruit and vegetable juices, purees, jams, syrups, dried fruits and nuts, cereal bars, dairy products, corn flakes, edible oils, honey etc.