Innovative Packaging Solutions

Partnering with leading manufacturers of advanced packaging technologies, NOMADES Swiss provides manual, semi- and full-automatic flexible packaging lines working with flat and stand-up pouches of any size, shape and function. Flexible packaging with its high barriers allows optimal product conservation without any additives and refrigeration and is the perfect packaging solution for long storage in ambient temperature.

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We can pack

Fruits and vegetables juices
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Dried fruits, nuts, spices
Cereal grains, pasta, flour
Coffee, tea

Manual packaging solutions

We provide custom-tailored and printed pouches in multiple shapes
and functionalities that can be sealed manually with our heat and impulse sealers.

Automized packaging solutions

Horizontal filling & sealing machines with pre-made pouches or vertical and horizontal „form-fill-seal” units with printed roll fed films for more efficiency and large quantities.

Foods and beverages are highly sensitive products that need optimized packaging solutions which combine functionality, durability, aesthetics and marketability. NOMADES Swiss is analyzing the markets since over a decade and knows that packaging is a cruicial bottleneck in many agricultural value chains. Therefore, we have developed packaging solutions for difficult working environments without regular power supply for fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and vegetable purees, spices, dried fruits and nuts, cereal grains, pet foods, non-foods like agrochemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Especially the food segment requires extremely high durability to allow hot filling and pasteurization. Hygiene standards, food safety, laminate adhesion, food protection, presentation as well as protection during handling and storage are essential factors in the food sector. NOMADES Swiss can provide packaging solutions for the food, pharma and non-food industries. Our integrated packaging approach guarantee optimal product conservation without refrigeration and protect the products from UV rays, humidity and heat. Besides hygienic, protection and durability concerns, our packaging solutions provide consumer-friendly packaging design and branding strategies for optimal marketability of the end-products.