Our Values

We are a private, but "not-only-for-profit" enterprise consisting of social entrepreneurs. We don’t do “business or development as usual”. We are convinced that there is no sustainable development in fragile and conflict-affected countries without socially responsible investment, capacity building, and labor-intensive technology transfer.

In our projects, we put great importance on multi-disciplinary and practice oriented research, social and environmental responsibility and promotion of women and youth.

It is our explicit goal - as a private social enterprise - to contribute to the development strategies of governments, NGOs and the civil society. In order to achieve our goals, we prefer moderate, commercially driven, small- and medium sized projects rather than huge investments with industrial capacities but little sustainable impact.

We carefully listen to the problems and dreams of motivated local entrepreneurs, we adapt our approaches to their ideas and continuously support them in long-term partnerships. Our humanitarian business approach allows local entrepreneurs to establish their company with support of private sector experts and to share their success by creating more value and jobs for their societies.

Our experience shows that socially and environmentally responsible business activities can lead to profitable and sustainable results.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our company values and activities.